Governor Brown has been invited by the Berkeley Center for Independent Living to speak at their 40th anniversary fundraising event on the evening of September 13, 2012. But many of us feel that he has not acted as our friend; in fact we feel betrayed and angry about budget cuts that bring us so much misery.

Join CUIDO (Communities United in Defense of Olmstead) to protest Governor Jerry Brown, and his policy of “Death by 1000 Cuts”. We will affirm our resistance to his budgetary priorities that favor the wealthy at the expense of our lives. He speaks of “belt tightening” and “sharing the burden equally” but, because of the political power of corporate wealth, all he has been willing to deliver are cuts.

How many rich people will end up on the streets, in emergency rooms, nursing homes, and morgues as a result of his budget cuts? His cuts will banish old people and formerly independent people with disabilities to nursing homes, in violation of the Supreme Court’s 1999 Olmstead decision. We will not go silently into these places to die!

The front of the Ed Robert's Building

Bring your signs, banners, hearts and beautiful bodies! We’re not rich, but we’ve got fight. This is a non-violent/ scent-free protest. For information, or to offer assistance, please contact CUIDO at:; 510-686-3139

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