Gov. Brown – Shame On You!

This Banner Hung in the Room During Brown's Video Message

Although Governor Jerry Brown cancelled his appearance at the Berkeley Center for Independent Living’s 40′th birthday celebration, CUIDO brought our message about his policies to the party.

Inside, during Brown’s video message, four protesters hold up a modified California Flag with crutches. It read “Death by 1000 cuts”.

Outside, protesters greeted guests with signs and banners.

Banner Outside the Ed Roberts Center

If you are outraged by the cuts Governor Brown has proposed, copy this letter and send it to him:

Gov. Jerry Brown
State Capitol, Ste 1173
Sacramento, Ca. 95814

AN OPEN LETTER FROM CUIDO (Communities United in Defense of Olmstead) TO JERRY BROWN
Dear Governor Brown,

Almost two years ago we disabled folks, along with hundreds of other people from the Bay Area, sent you a letter protesting state budget cuts.

Your response was to give us two years of “cuts only” budgets. You proposed deep cuts to In-Home Supportive Services, the complete elimination of Adult Day Health Care, huge cuts to Developmental Services programs, reductions to SSI income, and a severe erosion of health care services for those who rely on Medi-Cal. The cumulative effect of these cuts has been misery and desperation. You’ve threatened not only our independence, but our very lives. WTF! What were you thinking??

In your first term as Governor, you appointed Ed Roberts to head the State Department of Rehabilitation and promised to support the rights of disabled people. You’ve broken that promise and lost your moral compass.

California has the highest concentration of millionaires of any state in the US: there are more than enough resources to provide for the basic human needs of the people. Our political system is deeply corrupted by the influence of money. Capitalism undermines democracy and causes widespread suffering. Your failure to rein in the corporate stranglehold on government has resulted in greater wealth concentration at the top, enhancing the economic interests of the 1% at the expense of us, the 99%. Your failure to achieve a just state budget only proves the point of the Occupy movement: that change within the present framework is impossible!

While we hope Proposition 30 will pass, in our view it’s “too little, too late and too temporary”. Furthermore, we strenuously oppose your disgusting tactic of holding us—people with disabilities, poor people, students, etc—hostage in order to force passage of your tax proposal. How dare you reduce our precious lives to bargaining chips in your political game!

Jerry Brown, you have betrayed people with disabilities. You have betrayed poor people. You have betrayed the 99%. Lose your phony baloney act and admit it: you are NOT our friend!

[Your Signature and Address Here]


Governor Jerry Brown

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