#Occupy_ Update

CUIDO has been busy of late with an October 2011 rally, occupations (see below) and will be at the Building the Movement: Senior and Disability Summit on Oct 13.

Our FaceBook page has been having some lively discussions as a result of these occupations, and we urge all who are interested and able to get involved. We’ve visited SF and, I think some were at Berkeley’s opening. Remember, you don’t have to be there to participate. Go to their website and FaceBook pages and let your voices be heard. Let your issues and abilities be known!

Occupations in or near the Bay Area: Repost, share, pass on, etc.

Occupy Oakland (Frank Ogowa Plaza)
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Occupy Berkeley (BofA Center/Shattuck)
Facebook: Facebook Page Occupy Berkeley

Occupy San Jose (San Jose City Hall)
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Occupy San Francisco (Fed Reserve Bldg, 101 Market St.)
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Occupy Santa Rosa (Santa Rosa City Hall)
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Occupy Sacramento (Cesar Chavez Park)
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Occupy Petaluma (Cesar Chavez Park)
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Oh yeah, and don’t forget

CUIDO Speech in San Francisco by Carolyn Epple

Speech given 10/6/11; October2011 protest, SF Federal Building

I am Carolyn Epple, a proud member of Communities United in Defense of Olmstead, a radical group dedicated to keeping the disabled independent and the fight for social justice.

We have been colonized. Capitalism, racism, greed, and hate are each a way to make us believe that somehow we don’t matter. It is a colonization of the mind that comes from messages like: only those with money deserve an education; or, the disabled and the elderly are parasites on society. These are insidious messages that take away our humanity, and do so usually in the interest of corporate profits. Profits that are staggering.

In 2010 Bank of America saw a 56% increase in profits and Wells Fargo’s profits went up 362%. But, were those profits enough to trickle down, to help the public? Not a chance. We have become poorer – 28 percent of individuals with disabilities live in poverty and the rate is about the same for African Americans and Hispanics. Seventy percent of the disabled are unemployed. As for the retired and the disabled, for whom Social Security is most, if not all, of their income? They, and we, are at the whim of the Super Committee. And at the whim of a military budget that is over twice that of the combined military budgets of China, France, Germany and the UK.

Because war is also colonization, committed for the same reasons of greed and hate and capitalism. Each death signifies a family that ululated until they had no voices left, ululated because humanity, with all its capacity for good, could also be so vile. We have to up the ante. Take over your representatives’ offices both here and in Washington. Repeatedly. Breach the White House gates and stay there. Hack the troop deployment list. Take over bridges and on ramps; shut down the docks and make the corporate products wait to be unloaded; and shout and shout and shout until compassion and social justice, not profit, become the watch words of the day. We must. Thank you very much.

Save the Date: October 6, 2011

On Thursday afternoon, October 6, an October2011 local speakout/general assembly at the SF Federal Building. Speaking, including open mic is from 3-5pm, followed by a march to the SF LIbrary where a meeting will continue until 7pm. The Occupy SF group is likely to play a role in this event. Info on national the event is at: This is not ASL interpreted.

Download the PDF



CAN’T GET TO DC for the big ADAPT rally??
Come to San Francisco, Civic Center Plaza, “My Medicaid Matters Rally” at noon, Wednesday Sept 21.
Meet CUIDO at the Ashby Bart PLATFORM, 9:30 am Wed before the rally, if you want to leaflet with us in SF. (sample flyer posted.)

You can still participate. Organizers are collecting Medicaid stories: If you benefit from Medicaid and fear those cuts, send us a few sentences about yourself, your situation, your name, whatever you want. A large symbolic paper chain will be constructed to show our connection to the nationwide struggle. If you email me your story by next Tuesday, I’ll print it out and bring it to the rally for you. (

Next Wed, call from your home these two “Super Committee” members from the West Coast:

Sen Patty Murray (1-202-224-2621)
Rep. Xavier Becerra (1-202-225-6235)

If the Republicans have their way on the Super Committee and are able to obtain the Medicaid cuts they want, State budgets will be decimated even further, and you all know what that means!

Society for Disability Studies – June 18, 2011

Two CUIDO members were invited to deliver the Saturday keynote address at the annual conference of the Society for Disability Studies (SDS) in San Jose, which afforded us the opportunity to describe Arnieville, to talk about the work of CUIDO, and to inspire hundreds of academics to integrate, in their own lives, the worlds of disability scholarship and disability activism for social change.

In true CUIDO spirit, prior to the presentation, we pitched an Arnieville tent on the speakers’ platform and rigged up our beautiful Arnieville banner, bearing a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. (“A nation that spends more on its military than on social uplift approaches spiritual death”), as well as another banner proclaiming “OUR HOMES, NOT NURSING HOMES!” Our re-creation also included sound effects: honking car horns! When the plenary was due to begin, we marched into the ballroom singing “We will, we will, occupy! We will, we will, multiply!” to the tune of Queen’s “We will, we will, rock you!” We chanted “Disabled united will never be defeated!” and of course, “Our homes, not nursing homes!” At first they—the non-CUIDO academic scholars in the audience—sat and stared at us, nonplussed, grinning a little shyly, but as we beckoned (between chants) for them to join us, they began, one by one, to scramble to their feet, or wheels, and insert themselves into our lengthening line of marchers, beaming and flinging themselves into the chants with gusto. Then the audience members took their seats, and we began our presentation.

“Arnieville: A Study In Dis-Comfort”, SDS Plenary Presentation by Jean Stewart, 6/18/11

“CUIDO: Still Kicking Ass”, SDS Plenary Presentation by Marg Hall, 6/18/11