Sit-in and Arrests at California State Senator Dutton’s Office – Sacramento June 9, 2011

CUIDO members and allies entered and demanded that Senator Dutton, Republican Senate Minority Leader, meet with us. Dutton has been one of the chief architects of a cuts-only, no-new-taxes budget and has led the charge in terms of draconian cuts to programs. Everyone spoke passionately about how failure to raise tax revenues would impact persons with disabilities, including loss of independence and significant loss of services. One individual, for instance, stated that she already lacks sufficient hours from In-Home Supportive Services. With further cuts, she would have to remain in bed more days, which places her at risk of institutionalization.

Ten individuals were arrested.

Youtube video link here

Youtube video link here

Testimony at In-Home Supportive Services Stakeholders Hearing – Sacramento April 19, 2011

In-Home Supportive Services has been targeted by the governor and legislature for “fraud inspections,” resulting in vilification of the disabled as “criminals.” CUIDO members challenged the panel’s claim that IHSS recipients and providers are committing fraud at the rate of 25%; the actual rate of documented fraud is extremely low (in the range of 1-2%). We noted that the “savings” claimed by the panel to have been realized under the program’s harsh rules were actually accomplished by deterring individuals from applying for IHSS. This is disgusting. We observed that none of the panel members were persons living with disabilities. We exposed the so-called fraud detection program as the fraud that it is, and we demanded that the inspections stop immediately and that the entire program be scrubbed.

More info via the SacBee



Sat. Mar. 19, 2 pm
Hyatt Regency Hotel
13th & L Streets, Sacramento
Republican Convention

CUIDO—Communities United in Defense of Olmstead—is planning a mass rally at the Republican Convention in Sacramento, to fiercely protest the Republican party’s depraved determination to balance the budget on the backs of elderly, disabled, and poor people, as well as students, workers, and everyone else in CA, except, of course, the corporations.

In U.S. states facing a budget shortfall, revenues from corporate taxes declined $2.5 billion in 2010, while corporate profits jumped 28% in 2010 (3rd quarter) to $1.6 trillion, the biggest one-year jump in history. Meanwhile, wages fell for all but the wealthiest Americans, whose income grew 5-fold. California Medi-Cal recipients face disastrous cuts in coverage, SSI is again being reduced, people with developmental disabilities face the loss of program funding, CalWORKS has been slashed, adult day health care is being all but eliminated, student fees are being raised far beyond young people’s ability to pay, tens of thousands face home mortgage foreclosures, and workers face pay cuts, furloughs, and unemployment.

This is obscene. If we instituted a progressive income tax, closed corporate tax loopholes, reformed Prop 13, and instituted an oil severance tax, we could humanely balance this budget.

Please join us in affirming that OUR LIVES ARE PRECIOUS! Sat. Mar. 19, 2 pm, at the Republican Convention, Hyatt Regency Hotel, 13th & L Streets, Sacramento. Tell everyone you know. For public transit information, scroll down.


Amtrak schedule and fares to and from Sacramento for Saturday March 19th:

IMPORTANT! Be SURE to call Amtrak ASAP to reserve wheelchair seating. There are only four (4) WC spaces for those who cannot transfer and four (4) for those who can fold their chairs and sit in seats PER TRAIN. Even though these are Capitol Corridor trains, call 800-872-7245 and ask for the Customer Satisfaction Desk to reserve WC seating.

To Sacramento

Eastbound Train # 724
8:34A Hayward
8:44 Oakland Coliseum
8:53 Jack London Square
9:05 Emeryville
9:09 Berkeley
9:17 Richmond
10:55 Sacramento

Eastbound Train # 728
10:34A Hayward
10:44 Oakland Coliseum
10:55 Jack London Square
11:05 Emeryville
11:09 Berkeley
11:17 Richmond
12:55P Sacramento

Eastbound Train # 732
12:25P Jack London Square
12:35 Emeryville
12:39 Berkeley
12:47 Richmond
2:23 Sacramento

Returning to SF Bay Area

Westbound, Train # 747
5:40P Sacramento
7:05 Richmond
7:12 Berkeley
7:18 Emeryville
7:31 Jack London Square
7:42 Oakland Coliseum
7:53 Hayward

Westbound, Train, #749
7:10P Sacramento
8:35 Richmond
8:42 Berkeley
8:48 Emeryville
9:08 Jack London

Or Final Westbound, Train # 751
9:10 Sacramento
10:35 Richmond
10:42 Berkeley
10:48 Emeryville
11:08 Jack London


From Hayward to SAC  - $27 -1 way
From Oakland/Berkeley to SAC – $25 – 1 way
From Richmond to SAC – $23 – 1 way


For disability discount,  you need to purchase your ticket by phone, ticket counter, (or aboard the train for nonstaffed stations), not online. You might be asked to show a transit ID card, a letter from a doctor or a “membership card from a disability organization” when purchasing discounted ticket.

For people 62 years of age and over  - 15% discount

Tell Governor Brown – These Cuts Won’t Heal! [Flyer]

[Download] These Cuts Won’t Heal – PDF Flyer

Creative community mourning to protest cuts to our resources harming:

- People who need quality healthcare – Medi-Cal cut by 1.7 billion dollars!

- Parents looking for work and their children – Over 230,000 children set to lose CAL-WORKS !

- Elders and People with Disabilities – Loss of In Home Support Services pushes people into nursing homes!

- Workers in caring professions – In Home Support Services workers hours slashed again!

- Students in Community Colleges and Universities – Tuition increases shut the doors to higher education and opportunity!

March and Community Speakout
Monday February 28th Noon
Meet at Powell and 5th

By the Cable Car Turnaround then proceed to State Building. Will stop for speakers and pacing for People with mobility needs.

THESE CUTS WON’T HEAL COALITION – (415) 749-2790 x356, (415) 703-0188

“Vigilantly seeking justice for all.”

Please contact us if you need mobility assistance to be part of this march.

Take Action & Get Involved!

Dear Friends,
As you probably already know, Gov. Browns’ California budget proposal is lethal. In summary, his plan protects the rich, taxes everyone else, destroys safety nets, erodes education even further, and kills the sickest and most disabled. We (CUIDO) are organizing. Please join us.
Here’s what we need:

1. Contact your state Senator/Assembly person to protest the cuts.

2. Here you’ll find a letter to Gov. Brown. Please print, sign, and mail it off to Brown with copies to Sen. Darrell Steinberg (State Capitol Room 205) and Sen. Mark Leno (State Capitol room 5019) .

[Download] Our letter to Governor Brown

3. We need volunteers to set up tables at public spaces (eg Farmer’s market, UC campus) to get people to sign and mail this letter. Let us know if you can volunteer for this effort. It can be at the time/date/place of your choosing. We’ll provide a table, the paperwork, and signage. You will need to arrange for pick up and drop off of the materials in South Berkeley.

4. Calling all graphic/visual artists!! We have some creative poster ideas, but don’t have the expertise to implement them.

5. Our CUIDO website/Facebook page are badly in need of upgrade. Anyone out there able to do this for us?

6. Depending on corporate media to get our message out really sucks. We need to create our own documentation. Any photographers/video makers willing to attend, record and post our activities?

We’ll keep you informed about planned street actions as soon as we decide upon a plan.

Join Us Feb. 28th!

Dear Friends, Allies, Comrades, Sisters, and Brothers,

We’ve written, phoned, and testified before our elected representatives. Still we find ourselves in grave danger from even the best case state budget they can fashion. Gov. Brown has said the worst of the cuts will “only” affect about 10% of recipients: ie the sickest and most severly disabled. Thousands of us are at risk. We are the 10%, and we act on behalf of ourselves and those among us who are too sick or disabled to join us.

There are alternatives: there’s lots of wealth in California, but the corporations and the rich have too much of a hold on the state government to craft a just budget. We will resist them with our bodies. We will say to the rich and to those state legislators who protect them: that our lives are precious, and their greed is disgusting!

CUIDO will participate in a mass mobilization. We are joining a coalition of Bay Area based organizations. We join together: the poor, students, people with disabilities, homeless, workers, seniors and all allies. We won’t let them pit one against the other in an insane scramble for crumbs. Our coalition is named: “These cuts won’t heal”. Please see the attached flyer for details. Print it out. Spread the word. Help us resist this murderous, shameless state action.


Meet at Powell St/5th (near Powell St Bart) Rally/March/Direct Action at CA State Building

If you would like to help with any of these items or events please email or call 510-686-3139.